Listen as Allie & Duane interview them about their unique way of helping school owners “Get Karate Students”

Jon Evans

Jon Evans is definitely not your typical “guru” and he didn’t start off in the martial arts industry. His background is in marketing and sales. By simple chance, Jon was blessed to discover the martial arts industry while his son was training to be a blackbelt, first helping the school his son attended to double in size in less than 6 months, and then moving on to help hundreds of martial arts schools across the world.

Jon has one of the best (if not the best) track records in the martial arts industry and has helped hundreds of schools all around the globe get more students.

Jon is the founder of, the co-creator or the Student Magnet™ Program, and owns a software business called The Follow Up Ninja.

Travis Klabon

Travis Klabon entered into the business side of the martial arts industry after spending many years building and coaching several successful travel sports leagues. While coaching at the high-school level, Travis had a
unique way of coaching multiple players into the NFL and college level. This experience helped to fine-tune a skill set that led Travis to help hundreds of school owners reach their business goals for their martial arts schools.

Travis has worked with hundreds of respected school owners on four continents. He continues to support many of them through a coaching and mentoring program designed to drive them to grow their schools.

Travis is the Program Director of, the co-creator of the Student Magnet™ Program, and manages a software business called The Follow Up Ninja.

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