Join Allie Alberigo & Duane Brumitt for an insightful episode as we dive into the challenges faced by martial arts school owners and how to overcome them. In this episode, we’ll explore the acronym CRAP, which represents the key frustrations and obstacles encountered in running a successful martial arts school:

C – Cash Flow: We’ll discuss the importance of managing cash flow effectively and strategies for dealing with financial challenges such as inconsistent revenue, late payments, and unexpected expenses.

R – Retention: Explore tactics for improving student retention and creating a positive learning environment that keeps students engaged and committed for the long term.

A – Administration: Learn tips and best practices for streamlining administrative tasks such as scheduling, billing, and paperwork, allowing you to focus more on teaching and growing your martial arts school.

P – People: Discover strategies for handling difficult situations involving customers, negative reviews, or challenging clients with professionalism and grace.

Tune in to gain valuable insights and practical advice for navigating the CRAP of martial arts school ownership. Whether you’re a seasoned school owner or just starting out, this episode will equip you with the tools and knowledge to overcome obstacles and thrive in the martial arts industry.

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