kyoshi_speaking_vegas_133I’m Allie Alberigo…

I have been running businesses ever since I was 14. My first business was landscaping and I later sold it for 100k.  Fast forward years later, with multiple businesses made and sold for profits, I have been able to not only work for myself but have been able to help others gain that freedom as well.

My multiple businesses throughout the years have given me a lot of happiness but what brings me the most joy is helping other school owners like my-self enjoy the lifestyle they deserve.

DuaneBrumittbrownsmallHe’s Duane Brumitt…

Duane fell in love with the marital arts when he was 17. But really got the bug for business when he bought out his partners in 2002.

Since then marketing and automating his martial arts business has been his passion and he has been able to share that passion with other school owners as well.

And THIS is the School Owner Talk Podcast…

We’ve been having killer conversations about running a High Standard, Low Stress, High Profit School for years, and now we get to share them.

This is our opportunity to talk about new marketing ideas, sales and conversation strategies, best business practices, staff training, stick strategies, email marketing, books, productivity, online marketing, people and even our failures too.

Every week will be an adventure… plus fun too!