Welcome back to another empowering episode of School Owner Talk, where Allie and Duane continue their discussion on strategies to finish off the year strong. In this second installment, they dive into fast and easy events that can generate additional revenue before the end of the year. Discover creative ideas and practical tips for hosting events that captivate your students and their families, while also boosting your bottom line. Allie and Duane also explore the effectiveness of holiday gift certificates as a marketing tool and revenue generator during the holiday season. Additionally, they delve into the importance of setting yourself up for a successful beginning of the year introduction to keep the momentum going. Tune in and gain valuable insights to maximize your school’s success and profitability as you approach the end of the year.

Holiday Gift Certificates (Download HERE)

    1 Response to "Finishing The Year Strong Part 2 – Episode #27"

    • Bill

      These are great videos and great information for all school owner, thank you both as I have enjoyed listening to them all . I will spend more time over the holidays to to make more note.

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