Step into the world of martial arts excellence as hosts Allie Alberigo and Duane Brumitt sit down with a true authority in the field, Kris Wilder, in a captivating interview. In this episode, the duo delves into the pages of Kris Wilder’s book “Winning in the Dojo and Your Life!”

With an impressive collection of 35 books and a thriving martial arts school under his belt, Kris Wilder unveils the secrets to his enduring success. Tune in to gain exclusive insights into Kris’s journey, his martial arts philosophy, and the wisdom he’s accumulated over the years.

From the dojo to everyday life, this conversation offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for martial arts enthusiasts, instructors, and students alike. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a true martial arts luminary. Join us as we uncover the path to victory in the dojo and beyond!

Would you like to get in contact with Kris? Visit his website:

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