Join Allie & Duane as they share the the habits of highly effective teachers!
Want students banging down your door to get in? Then don’t miss this podcast! Become the teacher everyone wants to be taught by.

1) Successful teachers Clear Objectives. Curriculum and what is necessary for the student to progress. Clear road map of what is expected of them and what the need.
2) Successful teachers Sense of purpose. What motivates you or your drive to teach and be there.
3) Successful teachers no when to listen to the students and when to ignore them. Discernment. When things are tough you need to be tougher.
4) Successful teachers have a positive attitude. Positivity breeds positivity.
5) Successful teachers expect their students to succeed.
6) Successful students have a sense of humor.
7) Successful teacher use praise correctly and genuinely.
8) Successful teachers are consistent.
9) Successful teachers are humble and reflective.
10) Successful teachers seek out mentors of their own. Always be the consummate student, don’t stop learning.
11) Successful teachers collaborating with a parent and a true path of communication.
12) Successful teachers enjoy their work and job as a teacher.
13) Successful teachers adapt to their student’s needs.
14) Successful teachers welcome – change within the classroom.
15) Successful teachers take time to explore new tools. New tools could be anything old or something you haven’t used in a long time.
16) Successful teachers give their students emotional support. Be there for them and help them achieve their goals.
17) Successful teachers bring fun into the classroom. Don’t be too serious find the way to bridge the gap of serious and fun. Edu-Tainment.
18) Successful teachers, teach holistically. We have the opportunity to raise amazing people.
19) Successful teachers never stop learning. (like # 10).
20) Successful teachers know how to break out of the box and be different.
21) Successful teachers need to be a great communicator. A silversmith. How to craft a story that changes lives. We all have our own special stories.
22) Successful teacher – are masters of their subject. Know your stuff inside and out. Walk the walk and talk the talk.

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