Get ready for an invigorating episode of School Owner Talk as Allie and Duane provide encouragement and a fresh perspective for martial arts school owners who may have lost their passion or find themselves in a rut. Discover the importance of being productive and finding renewed enthusiasm for your business. Allie and Duane emphasize that your passion is a crucial ingredient for success and share insights on how to reignite that flame. They remind listeners to not let anyone or anything stand between them and their goals. In instances where passion may be lacking, they encourage finding someone who exudes passion to collaborate with. Tune in and rediscover the joy and purpose in your martial arts business as Allie and Duane guide you towards a renewed sense of passion and drive.

    1 Response to "Passion For Your Martial Arts Business – Episode 19"

    • Brent

      Great info! It’s nice to hear such relatable topics that all school owners talk about but never really resolve. Your attitude towards topics makes me feel like I am having coffee with a friend. Duane and Allie your humor and creative approach make your podcasts fun and inspiring. I enjoy them immensely and replay them often as I try to move forward in my business and in life.

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