In this heartfelt and relatable episode of School Owner Talk, Allie and Duane address the daily frustrations experienced by martial arts school owners and offer valuable insights on how to overcome them. With sympathy and empathy, they dive into the challenges and obstacles that school owners often face and provide strategies for finding solutions. Discover the keys to achieving high quality, low stress, and high-profit operations in your school. Gain valuable insights into student retention and learn about specific numbers to track for success. Allie and Duane emphasize the importance of proactively working ahead on problems to maintain a thriving business. Don’t miss Allie’s insightful “I Quit” article, which offers a fresh perspective on overcoming frustration. Tune in and find solace in the fact that you’re not alone, as well as practical tips to navigate the headaches and heartaches of school ownership.

*Allie’s “I Quit” Article

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