Join Allie and Duane in this insightful episode of School Owner Talk as they dive into the importance of budgeting for martial arts schools to achieve bigger profits. Discover the reasons why having a budget is crucial for financial success and learn effective strategies to implement and maintain a solid budgeting system. Allie and Duane discuss how to eliminate bad debt and explore the concept of good debt. They also provide key financial benchmarks to strive for in your school. Additionally, they emphasize the significance of having the right accountant to support your financial goals. Don’t miss out on the book recommendation mentioned on the call, “Loopholes of the Rich” by Diane Kennedy (not Robert Kiyosaki), which offers valuable insights into maximizing your financial strategies. Tune in and gain valuable knowledge to enhance the financial stability and profitability of your martial arts school.

* Book Allie referenced on the call “Loopholes of the Rich” By: Diane Kennedy Allie stated on the call that the book was by Robert Kiyosaki. It was not. Sorry! NO the link is not an affiliate link. You can buy the book on Kindle as well.

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