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Leverage Your Marketing To The Utmost – Episode #48


In this episode Allie grills Duane on his marketing strategies that makes Duane’s marketing reach more while spending less.

Making your marketing grow more legs

Spend less but still get GREAT results

74 Summer Trials and more on a waiting list

Allie’s Ransom Note


Host A Screening Of The Movie Underdog Kids – Episode #47


In this call Allie and Duane share a great we for school owners to make some money, build retention, and bring some excitement to their schools this summer.

Underdog Kids is an inspiring, action-packed comedy for the whole family. It was written and directed by and stars Phillip Rhee, creator of the popular Best of the Best film franchise. The fun and inspiring film also stars Adam Irigoyen (Disney’s “Shake It Up!” and “Wizards of Waverly Place”). Ryan Potter (Big Hero 6, Nickelodeon’s “Supah Ninjas”). Patrick Fabian (“Better Call Saul”). Tom Arnold (“Sons of Anarchy”) and Beau Bridges (the Desendants).

Martial Arts Success Magazine calls it “… The best martial arts film since the original Karate Kid.”

As the perfect vehicle for a “Bring-a-Buddy movie night,” MAIA and Century has partnered with, a web platform that enables individual groups and organizations to set up personalized screenings of Underdog Kids in theaters across the country.

This is a fantastic opportunity to inspire kids to do their best to martial arts, as well as to spark interest in potential new students.

As the promoter of an event you will make 5% of ticket sales but, more importantly, you get to share your passion for martial arts with your community. You have the opportunity to personalize your event, speak at the screening, moderate a discussion and more!

To set up an event in your area the process is quite simple and begins with requesting and event on the Tugg website here: Step-by-step instructions are below for further direction, as is and Underdog Kids poster for you to use.

For more information on underdog kids, please visit To view the trailer click the video below.

Instructions <==

Poster <==

We heard about this opportunity from Century. Click Here to view the original email from them about this.

Ernie Reyes Jr. Go Fund Me Page



I Can Get You 100 LEADS Per Month – Episode #44


In this episode Allie and Duane break wide open the myth about the promise of getting 100 leads per month to your school.

Discover the following:

What is a LEAD?

What is a Prospect?

What is a Suspect?

Why does this CRAP even matter to me?

Allie’s Article: Sales Pyramid

Allie’s Article: Never Ever Quit Sales


More Than Marketing 101 – Episode #39


In this episode of School Owner Talk Allie grills Duane with regards to his marketing campaigns.

Duane gives the goods in this interview. Starting from concept to completion. Get your note pads ready to fill.

Allie’s Marketing Action Worksheet <==


Finshing The Year Strong Part 2 – Episode #27


In this episode of School Owner Talk Allie and Duane share their end of the year strategies to finish off 2014 strong part 2!

Fast and easy events to make some $$$ before the end of the year

Holiday Gift Certificates (Download HERE)

Setting yourself up for the beginning of the year intro.


Finshing The Year Strong Part 1 – Episode #26


In this episode of School Owner Talk Allie and Duane share their end of the year strategies to finish off 2014 strong!

Halloween… is it too late?

Holiday Sale? What the What?

Halloween Download Info <==

Retail Wonderland Info <==



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