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The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster – Episode #147

Do you ride it and have fun or are you stressed and sick to your stomach?

Learn the tips Allie and Duane have used to persevere over the years to grow, maintain and keep their school relevant and alive.



Help… I need students ASAP or I will have to CLOSE my doors! – Episode #131

In this episode Allie & Duane talk about school owners that are close to closing their doors and what they can do about changing that.


But I Want More Students… Not More Business Sense

In this episode Allie and Duane share insights on this topic and why it’s a problem for a whole lot of school owners.


Motivation Is Not Permanent – Episode # 109

school-owner-talk-allie-albrigo-coach-duane-brumitt-coach-0109In this episode Allie & Duane share how they stay up most of the time even during the ups and downs of their businesses.

Book mentioned by Marie Kondo “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” The Japanese are of decluttering and organizing.



Taking Responsibility Is Where Your Freedom Starts – Episode #108


In this episode Allie & Duane share the pains of being responsible for everything in their business and also the beauty in it as well.

Also they quickly talk about the overtime rule that was set to begin December 1, 2016 has been suspended. Below are a few articles about the suspension.

New York Times



Frank Shamrock… Martial Arts, Business, & Life – Episode #91


In this episode Allie and Duane interview the legendary Frank Shamrock about martial arts, business, and life.

Frank’s website is: www.ShamrockWay.org


Next Level School Owners Club – Episode 87


In this episode Allie and Duane answer questions about their new club and who it is for and not for.


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