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Next Level School Owners Club – Episode #154

Allie & Duane answer questions about the club that they have received from owners just like you. Also, they will be giving away some free gifts on the episode as well.

Click Here to get your $1 trail of the Next Level School Owners Club!


Q & A Before Gobble Day! – Episode #151

Listen in as Allie & Duane answer questions from school owners about their business.

Questions like:

Best way to advertise for the upcoming year

How do you handle clients who request payments to be paused during the holidays for bill reasons.

Do you guys ever offer a free month of training to potential clients? If so, how do you close them? I’ve been having trouble closing people on 1 month trials. I always offer them “specials” but they never bite.

How do you handle a parent that complains about the head instructor/owner not teaching a certain class when the assistant instructor is a great teacher, a nidan, and is more than qualified to teach her child?


Fall Marketing & Events School Should Be Doing! – Episode #146

Duane and Allie have been running successful martial art schools for over 40 years combined. Shihan Allie has had a successful martial art school for over 26 years.

Come listen in, ask questions, give your opinion and share your thoughts too. We are excited to share this information with you.


Back-To-School Marketing – Episode #137

Are you ready to discover some quick ideas you can implement ASAP… and some that can take a little more time to implement but will pay big dividends when you do?

In this episode Allie & Duane share some of their own back-to-school marketing strategies with you.


Five of the Biggest Marketing Mistakes People Make – Episode #129

In this episode Allie and Duane discuss the 5 biggest marketing mistakes people make

This episode can from Allie’s book “Martial Arts Business 101” page 68.

Links referenced in this podcast:

I Can Get You 100 LEADS per-month – Episode #44

Next Level School Owners Club


But I Want More Students… Not More Business Sense

In this episode Allie and Duane share insights on this topic and why it’s a problem for a whole lot of school owners.


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