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But I Want More Students… Not More Business Sense

In this episode Allie and Duane share insights on this topic and why it’s a problem for a whole lot of school owners.


Time Hacks For Busy School Owners – Episode #117

In this episode Allie & Duane share some of their own time hack they use to get things done faster and more effectively. Freeing them up to do what really makes them money in their businesses.

Below are some episodes you may want to listen to. Duane referred t them in the podcast.

Are You Using These Rules To Run Your School? – Episode #62

Rules That Set You Up For Success – Episode #77

Personal Rules For Success – Episode #89


Taking Responsibility Is Where Your Freedom Starts – Episode #108


In this episode Allie & Duane share the pains of being responsible for everything in their business and also the beauty in it as well.

Also they quickly talk about the overtime rule that was set to begin December 1, 2016 has been suspended. Below are a few articles about the suspension.

New York Times



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