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Your Bulls-Eye In Your School – Episode #53


In this episode Allie & Duane share where you should spend your time, money and energy in your martial arts school in order to make the biggest impact on your business.

What’s the Bulls-Eye

What the rings around the bulls-eye mean for your business

Who should get most of your time?

Who should get the least amount of your time!


Black Belt Success Cycle – Episode #52


In this episode Allie and Duane share some of the ways they get student to black belt and retain them to higher levels.

Allie’s 6 month prep

Big mistakes that Allie made that cost him black belts

Our own black belt eyes can hurt us.


Freedom Without Losing Control… What Can You Automate? – Episode #50


In this episode Allie & Duane share the top things that can be automated in a martial arts school to help give you freedom without sacrificing your standards or giving up control.


Opportunistic vs. Strategic – Episode #49


In this episode Allie and Duane share how running your business it easy with the correct approach.

What’s your foundation?

Do you have the 7 pillars?

Opportunity might be knocking but is it the correct strategy for you?


Indoctrination or Full Customer Service? – Episode #40


In this episode of School Owner Talk Allie and Duane share how your martial arts training on the floor has already helped prepare you to be a better business owner.

How to create the right culter

How to create an experience

Perspective is KING!

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Attitude of Gratitude? – Eposide #29


In this episode of School Owner Talk Allie and Duane share the things that they are thankful for with regards to running a successful martial arts business.


The Basics Suck – Episode #28


In this episode of School Owner Talk Allie and Duane share what most call the “Basics” and why they really don’t suck!

* The little things make a big difference.

* Freakn phone script again?

* But I’m already doing that!

* One week journal can change everything!


Headaches and Heartaches Part 2 – Episode 17

Sympathy and Empathy for School Owners Who Think They’re Alone In Their Frustrations!

In this episode of School Owner Talk Allie and Duane share the daily frustration all school owners have and how to overcome them!

* That won’t work here

*  Solve the problem by drawing attention to the problem first

* Educate your clients from the start

* Set hard lines and follow them


DNA What Is It Really? – Episode #12


What is DNA really?

In this episode of School Owner Talk Allie and Duane share the heart beat of a successful school.

* DNA – The real definition

* 20 or so organs that you need to run your business successfully (Allie gave so much content we lost count)

* One action item that will change you as a business owner forever (If you have the guts to do it!)


Stick Strategies Part 2 – Episode #11

Strategies that help your students stay stuck to you!

In this part 2 episode of School Owner Talk Allie and Duane share how they get stuck in their students minds.

WARNING: Do not take these stick strategies lightly!


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