Next Level School Owners Club – Episode #154

Allie & Duane answer questions about the club that they have received from owners just like you. Also, they will be giving away some free gifts on the episode as well.

Click Here to get your $1 trail of the Next Level School Owners Club!


Stop Taking Everything So Personal – Episode #153

How do Duane and Allie sort through the madness of negativity to continue to run a professional well oiled machine. Oh and it ain’t easy. Learn some coping skills that they use to deal with this.


Q & A Before Gobble Day! – Episode #151

Listen in as Allie & Duane answer questions from school owners about their business.

Questions like:

Best way to advertise for the upcoming year

How do you handle clients who request payments to be paused during the holidays for bill reasons.

Do you guys ever offer a free month of training to potential clients? If so, how do you close them? I’ve been having trouble closing people on 1 month trials. I always offer them “specials” but they never bite.

How do you handle a parent that complains about the head instructor/owner not teaching a certain class when the assistant instructor is a great teacher, a nidan, and is more than qualified to teach her child?


How many balls are you juggling? – Episode #150

Learn from Duane and Allie what is going on within a martial art school and the many levels (balls) you are actually juggling. Some you don’t even know about. Duane and Allie will help you figure it out and set a plan in action.


Stop Doing Everything In Your Business – Episode #149

Discover how not to be the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker in your business.

Abdicate, Delegate, or Duplicate. Listen as Allie & Duane share how to lighten your load in your business.

Allowing your business to grow expodentually.


The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster – Episode #147

Do you ride it and have fun or are you stressed and sick to your stomach?

Learn the tips Allie and Duane have used to persevere over the years to grow, maintain and keep their school relevant and alive.



Fall Marketing & Events School Should Be Doing! – Episode #146

Duane and Allie have been running successful martial art schools for over 40 years combined. Shihan Allie has had a successful martial art school for over 26 years.

Come listen in, ask questions, give your opinion and share your thoughts too. We are excited to share this information with you.


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