Your To-Do List For 2019 - Episode #194

2018-12-05 17:36:51 schoolownertalk

Allie and Duane as they share their to-do list for 2019. Get a jump on next year now!

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Breaking Through Levels - Episode #193

2018-11-28 18:15:48 schoolownertalk

Join Allie and Duane as the share ideas on how to break the 25, 50, 75, 100 Student Mark!

Allie’s The Referral of a Lifetime Mentioned on this podcast:

Other links mentioned:

How I Quit My Job And Became A Martial Arts Entrepreneur

4 Stats You Need To Know To Grow In 2018


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Life-Cycle Marketing - Episode #192

2018-11-14 18:05:58 schoolownertalk

Join Allie and Duane as they share the life-cycle marketing approach that almost every school owner is missing… except the successful ones!

Links shred on this episode:

I Can Get You 100 LEADS Per Month

Measuring Stats & Why They Matter

4 Stats You Need To Know To Grow

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It Only Takes A Spark! - Episode #191

2018-11-08 21:05:16 schoolownertalk

Join Allie and Duane as they interview Grand Master Cheong Park Co-Creator of the fastest and most simplified martial arts software on the market today! Made my martial artist for martial artist. Allie and Duane have been using the software starting this year and they wanted to interview Grand Master for his insights into creating the software for the industry.

To learn more about Spark Membership Software CLICK HERE (no this is not an affiliate link) Make sure to use the code dollarstart to get your $1 one month trial.

To learn more about Grand Master’s Facebook group CLICK HERE

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Barriers To Success - Episode #190

2018-11-01 21:12:48 schoolownertalk

Allie and Duane share the 10 barriers to success that school owner’s have.

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