Angry, Frustrated or Upset Clients... A How-To! - Episode #169

2018-05-08 15:51:58 schoolownertalk

Listen ti Allie and Duane as they discuss potential angry, frustrated, and or upset clients and how to turn it into Win/Wins for all!

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An Interview With Mike Bogdanski - Episode #168

2018-05-01 17:23:15 schoolownertalk

Join Allie and Duane as they grill this successful school owner. Mike has 30 plus years experience. He has over 400 students and a gym in his school with 200 members.

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Who's Listening? - Episode #167

2018-04-18 21:00:28 schoolownertalk

In this episode Allie and Duane cover two topics. Collections or No Collections and The Birthing of Your Own Purple Cow!

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Success Happens - Episode #166

2018-04-11 19:22:22 schoolownertalk

In this podcast Allie and Duane discuss the differences between successful school owners and unsuccessful ones.

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One Idea To Become The Go-To School In Your Area – Episode # 165

2018-04-04 16:41:04 schoolownertalk

Discover this one idea the will make you the go-to school in your area. Want the community to see you as the only school of their choice? Learn and implement this one idea that Duane & Allie will be sharing with you!

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