Why Martial Arts Is The Best Profession To Be In! Episode #202

2019-03-13 17:21:09 schoolownertalk

Join Allie and Duane as they discuss why they believe the martial arts business is the best business you can be in.

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What The Heck Do I Focus On First? - Episode #201

2019-03-06 17:50:18 schoolownertalk

Becoming laser focus on what really matters in your school!

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Creating Authentic Win-Win Relationships In Your Business - Episode #200

2019-02-20 17:51:02 schoolownertalk

Listen as Duane and Allie share the four areas of this win-win relationships. Your relationships with your prospects, clients, business partners, & vendors.

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Brand-Washed - Episode #199

2019-02-13 18:43:20 schoolownertalk

Discover what your brand is & why it’s so important!

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Your End Game - Episode #198

2019-02-06 20:38:22 schoolownertalk

Join Allie and Duane as they share the idea of having an end game for your life/business

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